WCC Anand v Kramnik - Game 4

WCC Anand v Kramnik - Game 4

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DRAW AGREED!   A good game for Kramnik today who comfortably equalised with the black pieces.  Sunday is a rest day, so game 5 is on Monday.

Clocks - Anand 0:48  Kramnik 0:53

27...d4  So the d5 pawn gets to advance after all!

23...Rad8 24. g3  Vishy plans to attack the isolated d5 pawn from g2 with his bishop.

22...h5 23. Bh3  Kramnik wants to secure e6 for his knight by chasing away the bishop, but Vishy keeps his bishop on the c8-h3 diagonal.

21. Rd4 The d5 pawn is securely blocked for now.

20 Rfd1  The fight for the d4 square rages on.

18...Nc5 attacking the Queen and protecting b7 at the same time.

18. Qb3 Anand protects the b2 pawn, eyes b7, and vacates d1 for a rook.

16...Rfd8  Kramnik supports his d-pawn for a possible thematic push to d4.

Kramnik has successfully steered the game away from complicated tactics into more positional play.  He seems to have equalised the game.

14.Nd4  Anand plays consistently and sensibly, not being tempted by snatching the pawn on d5.

Kramnik's idea of playing Bf5 first and only then Bf6 seems to be a relatively new idea which has rarely been played before.

World Championship games are great places for opening novelties.  After months of hiding their preparation, now is the time both players will be showing what their best ideas are...

If 13.Bxf6 Qxf6 14. Qxd5 Qxb2 15. 0-0 Rac8 16. Qxf5 Qxe2 is about level.

12. Be2 Bf6  Kramnik plays his bishop to f6 after all.  This seems to be a subtle move order difference now that white has committed his bishop to a less aggressive square on e2.

11...Bf5  More common is 11...Bf6 to challenge the white bishop on e5.

11.Be5 In this position it is important for White to control the square d4 which is directly in front of black's isolated d-pawn in order to fix it at d5 and stop it advancing.

So today we have a Queen's Gambit Declined with 5.Bf4 instead of 5.Bg5 thereby avoiding the Tartakower defence.

Welcome again for another game between Vishy Anand and Vladimir Kramnik for the World Chess Championship!  After a lifeless first game and a premature end in the second, we finally had a game worthy of the occasion in game 3 as Anand drew first blood with some excellent home preparation and a steely determination to go for the win despite playing black.  It's certainly rare for Kramnik to lose with the white pieces, but he has shown himself to be a resilient match player in the past, so it's too early to write him off yet.

Nevertheless, the 12-game match is now already a quarter completed and Kramnik has only 4 more games with the white pieces left.  Unless he can equalise the scores soon he may have to start playing more aggressively with black to increase his chances.  Kramnik has never beaten Anand with the black pieces before.  Today would be an excellent time to break that duck!

Will Anand stick with 1.d4, or switch to 1.e4 now that he need not fear potential draws from Kramnik's Petroff or Berlin specialties?

Pull up a comfy chair and feel free to add your thoughts and comments as the game unfolds.  Let's hope it's another thriller!

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