WCC Anand v Kramnik Game 6

WCC Anand v Kramnik Game 6

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KRAMNIK RESIGNS! An incredible result for Anand, who has now won 3 games from 6 without reply!  The match is only at the halfway point, but it seems that nothing less than a miracle could save Kramnik now.  Game 7 is on Thursday 23rd October.

41. fxg7  Stronger was Rxg7, but Anand is still clearly in an excellent position. He needs to make sure there are no slip ups.

40...Nc4  The time control is reached.  Kramnik has to find some way to blockade the passed pawns.

39. f6  The g7 pawn is attacked and is pinned to the king.  This is looking very bad for Kramnik.

37...Nxb2  Kramnik keeps the pawn deficit down to one, but Anand's passed e-pawn will be a menace.

34.Nf2  White is slowly untangling his pieces.

30. e3  And at last the rook is free!

28.f3 kicks the black knight away and prepares e4, which will get the rook into play.

Clocks Anand 0:40 Kramnik 0:19  (Time control at move 40)

24. Nd3 Nd5  Anand's rook is a little out of play for the moment, but he is a pawn to the good.

Clocks Anand 0:55 Kramnik 0:36

20.Ne5 Bxg2 21. Rxg2 Kramnik is struggling to equalise and is falling behind on the clock.

18...c5  A bold move, advancing the c-pawn rather than sitting passively and waiting for Anand to improve his position.  Vishy still has a slight edge.

CORRECTION 18.Bb4 played.  Just keeping you all alert!  Anand pins the knight on e7.

16.Rg1  Prevents Nc6xd4 and prepares a g-pawn advance.

15. Bd2  Anand wants to keep his bishop.  This also covers the square f4.

Mass exchanges on d5...

11. Rc1 Anand aims to control the c-file.  No queenside castling now!

Time Anand 1:29 Kramnik 1:45

Anand is taking his time here which may suggest that he didn't anticipate 9...b6.

10 g4 Qa5  Anand advances on the kingside, gaining time by driving away the Queen, which flees to the queenside out of harms way.

9...b6  Not such a long think today!  Kramnik decides on his reply to Anand's novelty quite quickly.

9.h3  Very interesting from Anand; does this presage queenside castling and a kingside pawn storm?  Is this a new move?  Kramnik is the first to stop for a think, yet again.

3...Bb4 So Kramnik tries the Nimzo-Indian again today.  He offers an exchange of queens on move 6, but Anand refuses!

Welcome to game 6 of the World Chess Championship between defending champion Vishy Anand from India and challenger Vladimir Kramnik from Russia.  After winning with the black pieces in games 3 and 5, Anand now leads by 3.5-1.5 with 7 games to go.  Where on earth does Kramnik go from here?  His normal strategy is to draw with black and try to win with white, but all his fans will be hoping he has a plan B up his sleeve.

What can we expect today?  Is Kramnik psychologically ready and able to adjust to the match position and try a dynamic opening with black instead of his usual solid choices, or is he better off steadying the ship with a draw and gathering himself for a big effort in the second half of the match?

Some commentators are daring to suggest that Kramnik is already as good as doomed, but he has come from behind in world title matches before and there is still time for him to recover here.  Let's hope for more exciting chess today!

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