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The Flexible FrenchThis is what some of the critics had to say about The Flexible French by Viktor Moskalenko: "This is simply a great opening book (..) I prefer to delve deep into the IDEAS of this beautiful opening, and I can't think of a better guide than Viktor Moskalenko." Arne Moll, ChessVibes

"This volume has opened my eyes to numerous new ideas and possibilities. It is the most interesting English-language opening book I have seen for years." Steve Giddins, author of '50 Ways to Win at Chess'

"The book has all the right ingredients: lots of explanations of typical plans and problems, relevant and recent game citations, original analysis, some statistics, chapter summaries, lists of relevant ideas and other occasional bells and whistles (..) An excellent book." Dennis Monokroussos, Chess Today

"The book simply sparkles with origial ideas and has convinced me to start playing the French again." John Anderson, Correspondence Chess Magazine

"Be glad I didn't publish this book or I would have charged you $40 for it!" Bob Long, Thinkers Press

Make a great move, have a look here.
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