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A new day, a new hope. Apart from Seirawan's letter (see previous post) there are two more documents (at least) that are relevant:
  • An open?Ǭ†letter?Ǭ†by Ilyumzhinov to Kramnik
  • A second open letter by Kramnik
Susan Polgar describes on her weblog some interesting points of attention. Furthermore, it is striking how little sympathy there seems to be for Topalov's point of view. This is, of course, because he is behind in the match, but also because Kramnik has had a lot of 'luck' on the board: not exactly a convincing evidence of cheating...

But rational evidence does not count for suspicious minds. After all, the fact that Kramnik has had a lot of luck so far, is in their view?Ǭ†probably a particularly?Ǭ†strong sign that he cheated - of course he plays these bad moves not to seem suspicious...

In about an hour, the sixth game is due to start. In any case we can expect many more developments today. Let's wait and see!

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