World Championship: Anand does it again

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Kramnik-Anand, Game 5, 0-1Update: Video added. Viswanathan Anand increased his lead today in the World Championship match after Vladimir Kramnik blundered on move 29. The score is now 3.5-1.5 for Anand.

Who would have thought that Vladimir Kramnik would lose not just one, but two games with the white pieces in this match? It's a rare thing for someone who's considered one of the most solid players around. But it happened today; in what was probably already a slightly worse position for him, he took a pawn that was poisened but the reason why only became clear 11 half-moves later.

By then most journalists in the press room had already rushed downstairs and into the playing hall, to witness the final moments of this game. Not just because our engines had started blinking on our screens, but rather because we had seen the tactic already before - it was the reason why White couldn't take on d4 on move 27.

Soon after one of us actually said that Kramnik "had another chance to make that blunder", the Russian... did it. Somehow it felt not right, but it happened. And there we went, to immortalize the moment Kramnik would resign on photo or video. Which means that on the video of game 5 you too can watch the horror... But first the report on the fifth game:


After resting on Sunday, the players are back, and so is the Semi-Slav...


...and Kramnik confidently re-enters the complicated territory of game three


After 12.exf6 Kramnik's right hand presses the clock...


...and Anand replies with 12...gxf6


Sometimes you accidently catch someone else's flash...


...which might leave an interesting shade

Here's the fifth game of the match:

Match score:
Name Nat. Rtg
G01 14/10
G02 15/10
G03 17/10
G04 18/10
G05 20/10
G06 21/10
G07 23/10
G08 24/10
G09 26/10
G10 27/10
G11 29/10
G12 31/10
Anand IND 2783
Kramnik RUS 2772

Here's our playlist of videos:


(Note that the comments below this article started during our live coverage of the game)
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