World Championship: Anand wins game three with Black

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Kramnik-Anand, Game 3, 0-1Update: video added. Viswanathan Anand has taken the lead in the 2008 World Championship Match. He defeated Vladimir Kramnik in a great, but very complicated struggle that lasted 41 moves.

The third day in Bonn was a great day in Bonn. Actually it was a great day for any chess fan around the world, and just a tiny bit more for Anand fans. With the black pieces the reigning world champion defeated challenger Vladimir Kramnik in a Meran Semi-Slav, after coming up with a very interesting and virtually new pawn sacrifice.

Kramnik's reaction to Anand's top-notch preparation was superb as well: instead of getting his own king under fire, the Russian decided to go for a promising piece "sacrifice" that yielded White three pawns and what looked like a strong attack on top of that.

But then it was Anand's turn again. With some accurate moves he managed to manoever his king into safety and return the piece under favourable circumstances. Suddenly it was Black who had the initiative again, and to this second wave of pressure Kramnik finally succumbed. With about six minutes for eight moves, he made the decisive mistake afer which Anand went for a long but forced line that led to a win. That he missed a much quicker win there was not important.


Even the weather was great today, but still, the spectators would soon realize that they had made a wise choice...

kunsthalle02 go inside the Kunsthalle, becausethey'd soon be watching a great show


The actors on stage: Vladimir Kramnik & Viswanathan Anand


Not Exchange Slav this time...

kramnik, a main line Meran Semi-Slav...


...after many complications eventually won by Anand, just after the first time control

Here's the third game of the match. Sit down, relax and enjoy!

Name Nat. Rtg
G01 14/10
G02 15/10
G03 17/10
G04 18/10
G05 20/10
G06 21/10
G07 23/10
G08 24/10
G09 26/10
G10 27/10
G11 29/10
G12 31/10
Anand IND 2783
Kramnik RUS 2772

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