World Cup Final Underway

World Cup Final Underway

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The 2009 World Cup Final between Boris Gelfand and Ruslan Ponomariov has started in Khanty-Mansiysk.  The final is decided by a four-game match, with rapid tiebreaks if necessary - let's hope not.

Ponomariov had the white pieces in the first game, and was not afraid to take on Gelfand in his favourite Petroff defence.  A principled decision, or poor strategy?

Ponomariov defended his opening choice after the game, saying "What, so now we should not play 1. e2-e4 at all? Do you mean that chess can be considered dead because of the Petroff defense?"  More brief translations of the after-game press conference are here.

However, "Super" Ponomariov could make no headway and a draw by perpetual check was reached after 37 moves.

The final begins.  Picture from the official site.



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