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We return once more to the World Cup, and especially to the tournament's website, which has grown into a beautiful collection of chess information in the past three weeks. OK, the live games didn't go well, but we chess fans are kind of used to that. But all that content! Photos, videos, analysis by Sergey Shipov, daily bulletins in PDF, and last but not least transcripts of the press conferences (called "interviews"). Here are some fragments of the last press conference, with Kamsky & Shirov, after the fourth game.

Gata, can you share with us what you're feeling now?

Kamsky: Surely I'm very glad that I've won this tournament and I'd like to thank everyone, especially my second Emil, [Sutovsky] he deserves it. I felt a great deal of support, from my wife, my parents, my friends, everyone on the ICC and forums, on chessninja, etc.

As far as we know from your remarks you both pay attention to what is being written about the tournament in press and on the net. Is it really so, is it important for you?

Kamsky: Yes, it helps in a way, sometimes they write something nasty, I get angry and try to do my best to show them the best I can. Besides, the tournament is quite long, you can't think only about chess for the whole month, so it's entertaining, it helps to relax and unwind.

Shirov: As for me, I prefer when some snide remarks don't get on my nerves.

Gata, is the World Cup important for you as a separate trophy or do you consider it as a chance to compete for the chess crown?

Kamsky: Well, both. The tournament is important in itself; the Cup is beautiful, and heavy. But of course I'll go further.

Twelve years ago when you played and lost in the final of the World Championship; you decided to give up chess. Is this likely to happen once more?

Kamsky: No, it's too early. Besides, I haven't won this match yet.

Gata, are you ready to play with Topalov?

Kamsky: Not now. [Laughs.] Now I'll have some rest, celebrate the New Year and Christmas, and only then think of this match. I'll have to prepare for it very seriously. I'd like to add that my second played an important role in my performance here, and in this regard I may say that everything that happens is for the better.

Gata, who was the first to congratulate you on your victory?

Kamsky: Those who were nearby, the journalists! [Laughs.]

The complete interview can be found here.
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