World Cup Semi-Finals

World Cup Semi-Finals

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Boris Gelfand took a crucial lead against Sergey Karjakin in the 2009 World Cup by winning the first of their semi-final games with the black pieces.

Karjakin played the Bishop's opening to avoid the Petroff, but Gelfand soon equalised with an unusual but very effective rook lift (Ra8-a6-g6).  Karjakin accepted a pawn sacrifice and came under direct kingside attack from Gelfand's major pieces, and soon the game was hopelessly lost.

Karjakin will have his work cut out to win with the black pieces tomorrow and avoid elimination.

In the other semi-final Ruslan Ponomariov could make no impression on Vladmimir Malakhov and the game ended in a draw.

Boris Gelfand keeps warm. If you want to get ahead, get a hat! Pic from the official site.




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