World Mind Games: Grischuk, Gunina Win Rapid

World Mind Games: Grischuk, Gunina Win Rapid

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Alexander Grischuk and Valentina Gunina are the winners of the rapid chess tournament at the World Mind Games.

Grischuk won the men's section with 5/7, half a point more than Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Wang Hao, Levon Aronian and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov.

Gunina scored 5.5/7 and finished ahead of Hou Yifan (5 points) in the women's section.

The seventh edition of the World Mind Games, the fourth organized by SportAccord, takes place December 11-17 in Beijing.

This multi-sport event includes five mind sports: bridge, chess, draughts, go and xiangqi (Chinese chess).

As always, the chess part is divided into two sections. Usually it's "open" and "women's," but at this tournament the "open" is apparently men's only!

It involves three tournaments: rapid, a blitz and “Basque.” The latter was introduced last year and involves playing two games simultaneously.

The participants in Beijing are Alexander Grischuk, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Wang Hao, Levon Aronian, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Vassily Ivanchuk, Wang Yue, Boris Gelfand, Leinier Dominguez, Peter Leko, Radek Wojtaszek, Etienne Bacrot, Ruslan Ponomariov, Pentala Harikrishna and Teimour Radjabov.

The women's section has Valentina Gunina, Hou Yifan, Anna Ushenina, Nana Dzagnidze, Anna Muzychuk, Elisabeth Paehtz, Tatiana Kosintseva, Mariya Muzychuk, Antoaneta Stefanova, Ju Wenjun, Zhao Xue, Harika Harika Dronavalli, Bela Khotenashvili, Koneru Humpy, Alexandra Kosteniuk and Pia Cramling.

The playing hall during the first day. | Photo © Gu Xiaobing courtesy of FIDE.

The rapid tournament was played on Thursday and Friday. It was a seven-round Swiss; the time control was 20 minutes plus 10 seconds increment.

The first prize in the men's section (a very decent U.S. $18,000) was won by Alexander Grischuk. Also in the women's section there was a winner from Russia: Valentina Gunina, who pocketed $10,000.

After the first day of play one of the local grandmasters topped the standings: Chinese #4 Wang Hao. An excellent score, taking into account that he had already played top seed Grischuk! Here's his game from round one:

In round four, the two Wangs played each other, and it was nowhere near a friendly draw:

A crazy game from that first day was the following:

Speaking of king marches:

And what about this one?

Friday was somewhat disappointing for the local fans as Wang Hao and Wang Yue only scored two points in their remaining six games.

The tournament saw a remarkable finish: Grischuk and Wang Hao were both on 4.5/6 with one round to go. Grischuk played a 15-move draw with Ian Nepomniachtchi, which was enough for gold as Wang Hao lost to Levon Aronian!

That was a pretty nice win for the Armenian number one:

Alexander Grischuk wins the rapid. | Photo © Alina l'Ami.

2014 World Mind Games | Rapid Chess (Men) | Final Standings

Rank SNo. Title Name Rtg FED Pts
1 1 GM Grischuk Alexander 2828 RUS 5
2 12 GM Vachier-Lagrave Maxime 2728 FRA 4.5
3 14 GM Wang Hao 2719 CHN 4.5
4 2 GM Aronian Levon 2813 ARM 4.5
5 9 GM Mamedyarov Shakhriyar 2739 AZE 4.5
6 4 GM Nepomniachtchi Ian 2801 RUS 4
7 3 GM Ivanchuk Vassily 2811 UKR 4
8 7 GM Wang Yue 2765 CHN 3
9 13 GM Gelfand Boris 2719 ISR 3
10 8 GM Dominguez Perez Leinier 2763 CUB 2.5
11 6 GM Leko Peter 2773 HUN 2.5
12 16 GM Wojtaszek Radoslaw 2684 POL 2.5
13 11 GM Bacrot Etienne 2731 FRA 2.5
14 10 GM Ponomariov Ruslan 2738 UKR 2.5
15 15 GM Harikrishna Pentala 2701 IND 2.5
16 5 GM Radjabov Teimour 2776 AZE 2

The women's section saw a similar scenario: Nana Dzagnidze was leading with 3.5/4 after the first day, but eventually shared third after a loss and two draws on Friday. Valentina Gunina's finish of 3/3 was good for the first prize though!

This was the crucial game, played in the penultimate round:

Valentina Gunina, the winner of the women's section. | Photo © Alina l'Ami.

2014 World Mind Games | Rapid Chess (Women) | Final Standings

Rank SNo. Title Name Rtg FED Pts
1 6 GM Gunina Valentina 2552 RUS
2 2 GM Hou Yifan 2600 CHN 5
3 10 GM Ushenina Anna 2489 UKR
4 7 GM Dzagnidze Nana 2547 GEO
5 8 GM Muzychuk Anna 2546 UKR 4
6 11 IM Paehtz Elisabeth 2485 GER 4
7 9 GM Kosintseva Tatiana 2505 RUS
8 13 IM Muzychuk Mariya 2445 UKR
9 3 GM Stefanova Antoaneta 2578 BUL
10 5 GM Ju Wenjun 2555 CHN
11 12 GM Zhao Xue 2485 CHN 3
12 15 GM Harika Dronavalli 2421 IND 3
13 16 GM Khotenashvili Bela 2407 GEO
14 1 GM Koneru Humpy 2611 IND 2
15 4 GM Kosteniuk Alexandra 2577 RUS 2
16 14 GM Cramling Pia 2443 SWE 2

The closing ceremony with the winners of both chess and draughts. | Photo © Alina l'Ami.

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