World wide chess tactics battle on May 13th (tomorrow)!

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Chessity is a great place for chess puzzles and chess games, and on May 13th (tomorrow!), May 20th and May 27th, Chessity will organize a world wide chess tactics battle!

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This free event will start at 20:00 CET (18:00 GMT) and will last for 30 minutes. Allow yourself some extra fun during your chess tactics training!

The winner of the week event will win a book and/or a chess tutor. There are also ten premium accounts to win. Every week three players will win a one month membership. The first player on May 27, 2012 also wins a premium membership for one year.

Event rules read more rules here)

  1. The event will last 30 minutes and will be played using the Chessbox game format only.
  2. Every chessplayer is solving chess puzzles on his own level!
  3. To become the winner of the tournament, you need to collect game points.

Chess box game rules (full info here)

  1. Collect points to win this game! The most important thing here is picking the right chess boxes! Apart from solving the chess puzzles of course.
  2. Each chess box contains a chess puzzle with a different level of difficulty. In addition, we put points, bombs or free rides to success in your chess boxes.


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