WWCh G6: Another win for Hou Yifan

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Hou Yifan took a 2-point lead on Monday in the Women's World Championship Match. In the 6th match game she defeated her opponent Humpy Koneru for the second time, with the black pieces, despite having spent a few hours in the hospital the night before.

Hou Yifan wins again in game 6 | All photos © FIDE by Anna Burtasova & Anastasiya Karlovich

EventWomen's World Championship | PGN via TWIC
DatesNovember 13th-30th, 2011
LocationTirana, Albania
System10-game match, tie-break if necessary
PlayersReigning World Champion Hou Yifan (China) and Challenger Humpy Koneru (India)
Rate of play90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move one

The reigning World Champion won the sixth game of the match and is now two points ahead of the Challenger, Humpy Koneru. Although the Indian got an edge from the opening, the Chinese managed to equalize and turn the tables in timetrouble to come out as the winner.

It was a surprising turn of events, since Hou Yifan spent several hours in the hospital the previous night. The 17-year-old experienced severe pains in her stomach area and was immediately taken to the best hospital in Tirana by the organizers and FIDE officials. The doctors checked her medical condition, but the necessary tests proved that there was no serious problem, besides psychological pressure.

Hou Yifan feeling fine the next day, and scoring her second win

Hou Yifan declined to take any pain killers. After this “preparation” for the game, the next day she nevertheless sat at the board in a perfect fighting condition and managed to not only neutralize her opponent's preparation, but take the upper hand as well.

In the next four games Koneru needs to win twice to secure a tiebreak. On Tuesday, November 22nd the players have a rest day. The 7th game of the match will be played on Wednesday.

Humpy Koneru, on the verge of defeat in Albania?

Game 6

[Event "WCh w"]
[Site "Tirana ALB"]
[Date "2011.11.21"]
[Round "6"]
[White "Koneru, Humpy"]
[Black "Hou, Yifan"]
[Result "0-1"]
[WhiteTitle "GM"]
[BlackTitle "GM"]
[WhiteElo "2600"]
[BlackElo "2578"]
[ECO "D38"]
[Opening "QGD"]
[Variation "Ragozin variation"]
[WhiteFideId "5008123"]
[BlackFideId "8602980"]
[EventDate "2011.11.14"]

1. d4 e6 2. c4 Nf6 3. Nf3 d5 4. Nc3 Bb4 5. Qa4+ Nc6 6. e3 O-O 7. Bd2 dxc4 8.
Bxc4 Bd6 9. Qc2 a6 10. a3 e5 11. dxe5 Nxe5 12. Nxe5 Bxe5 13. f4 Bxc3 14. Bxc3
Qe7 15. O-O Qxe3+ 16. Kh1 Qb6 17. f5 Bd7 18. Bb4 Rfe8 19. Rad1 Qc6 20. Qb3 Kh8
21. Rc1 Qb6 22. Bxf7 Re5 23. Bc3 Qxb3 24. Bxb3 Re3 25. Bc4 Rae8 26. Bd4 R3e7 27.
Ba2 Re2 28. Bf7 R8e7 29. Bc4 R2e4 30. Bc5 Re8 31. Bf7 R8e5 32. Ba2 Bc6 33. Rg1
Re2 34. Bd4 Rxf5 35. Bc4 Rd2 36. Bc3 Ne4 37. Rge1 Ng3+ 38. hxg3 Rh5+ 0-

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