Yuri Sergeyevich Razuvaev 1945–2012

Yuri Sergeyevich Razuvaev 1945–2012

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The much respected Russian Grandmaster, Yuri Sergeyevich Razuvaev has passed away in Moscow after a long illness, at the age of 67.

Yuri Razuvaev achieved success in many tournaments during his career, winning in Dubna 1978, London 1983, Dortmund 1985, Jūrmala 1987, Reykjavik 1990, Leningrad 1992, Reggio Emilia 1996, San Sebastian 1996 and others.

He also substituted for Tigran Petrosian (who was ill) during the USSR vs Rest of the World match in 1984 in London, where he held the much higher rated Robert Hubner to a draw in all four of their games.

But it was as an author, and especially a coach that Yuri Razuvaev will be best remembered. He worked as a coach with world champions Anatoly Karpov and Alexandra Kosteniuk among others, and his writings included the book Akiba Rubenstein (1980) on the great player's best games.

RIP Yuri Sergeyevich Razuvaev






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