WCC Anand v Kramnik Game 7

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  • on 10/23/08, 5:53 AM.

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36...Rxc3+  DRAW AGREED!  There seems to be no way for Anand to make use of his extra pawn.  A clever idea by Kramnik to save the game! Anand now leads 5-2 with 5 games left to play.  Game 8 is tomorrow.

32...c3  Kramnik is trying to set up a blockade.  The arrangement of pawns makes it very difficult for either king to penetrate into the opponent's half of the board.  This will make it harder for Vishy to convert his advantage to a win if rooks are exchanged.  Chess engines are blind to such considerations!

31...a5  Stops the white a-pawn advancing, but now 32.b5 would fix the black pawns as targets.

Apparently Kramnik offered a draw after 21...Qxe3 earlier, which explains why Anand thought for a few minutes about recapturing!  Good for Anand for declining the draw and playing on!

31. g4 Anand keeps Kramnik's King at bay.  Anand now seems to have a slight plus thanks to Kramnik's awkward knight.

28. b4  Anand prevents the knight coming to c5!

Clocks: Anand 1:14 Kramnik 0:46

27...b6  Kramnik supports a possible move of the knight to c5 in future.

Kramnik is having a long think on his 25th move, but the position looks pretty level.

24...Kf7 25. Kf2  Since we are now in the endgame, the Kings can safely join the fray.

22...f6 23. Bd6  Kramnik attacks the white pawn chain, but Anand's bishop has free reign over the dark squares.

21...Qxe3 22. fxe3  Kramnik has more or less achieved equality.

19...Rac8  Kramnik aims to control the c-file.  His knight doesn't have many good squares - c6 would be good, but it would also block the c-file.

17...Qb6 18.Nxb4 Qxb4  Kramnik decides to allow Anand to exchange knight for bishop.  Anand's remaining bishop is hampered by his central pawns.

Kramnik has achieved a French Defence style structure, but with his light squared bishop outside the pawn chain.  Anand is likely to regroup his pieces and attack on the kingside.

So, Kramnik avoids the Nimzo-Indian and we have a Slav defence.  Not as sharp as the Semi-Slav favoured by Anand, but should still be an interesting game.

Welcome to live coverage of the 7th match game between Vishy Anand and Vladimir Kramnik.  Vishy now leads 4.5-1.5, having won 3 games and drawn the rest in the first half of the match.  Many commentators have now written off Kramnik completely and it's not hard to see why.  Kramnik rarely wins with the black pieces, and he has never beaten Anand with black before at normal time controls.  Now he must win at least 3 games out of 6 in the second half of the match to survive.  Does he have a plan B for this eventuality?  Has he prepared anything to play as black for must-win circumstances?

Whatever opening he tries today, Kramnik needs to up his game to stay in the match or it could be over soon without even going the distance.  Come on Vlad - show us your fighting spirit!

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  • 8 years ago


    Anand seems to be impregnable! it appears the best Kramnik can do is to draw!

  • 8 years ago


    I love how all of you are bashing on Kramnik, he managed to hold Vishy back and in the end game, he had the only possibilty of victory with a superior (albiet marginally) pawn structure. I'm sure that Vishy would avoid pushing his H pawn for that very reason. Give the man his due, he beat Kasparov and he would beat any of us. I'm just waiting for him to shift his play style completely in the next few games and catch Vishy by surprise. Chess is after all a mental game, on an off the board.

  • 8 years ago


    This is a classic match between the human (Anand) and the machine (Kramnik, for he is consulting the computers too often). Go on  Anand, beat that thing and tell the world about who came first - the humans or the machines? Kramnik deserves nothing in this match. Pity he will still get half of prize money. That's why he is playing here anyway. Otherwise he is nowhere close to claim the world title. There could be at least a dozen GMs more worthy than Kramnik to play for world title.

  • 8 years ago


    If Anand has 1.5 points to make a finish, then he will do that at best and making exact calculations in understanding the positions... if he do make a 1.5 point lead then Anand is cruising leisurely, for the rest of no bearing games Anand will surely try other exciting moves...such as the Grob system or a crazy king opening as black and as white, Anand will go for 1. d4!!! hahahahahaha! Wink it's a nice try and Kramnik well good luck to you its just not your day or your not yourself .... what the hell are you... your not doing your very best... please do something!!!!!!!!

  • 8 years ago


        If, Kramnik will not give his very to Anand, he will not suceed the championship. Anand has calculated the psychological strategy of Kramnik...Anand is an excellent and brilliant born chess player as I repeated Anand memorize almost all Chess Opening is concerned.

  • 8 years ago


    too many qp games!

  • 8 years ago

    NM DavidForthoffer

    Anand has certainly improved a lot since this blunder:


  • 8 years ago


    nothing happened Kramnik. as I say before games, Anand is top of his form. that's what happening.

  • 8 years ago


    kramnick was afaid of taking the e4 pawn, those lines have many risks but loosing by 3 points, may be, was better to try it

  • 8 years ago


    This game goes to show once you've began the endgame it's best to get an active king position.  Both players saw - being that they're some of the best in the world - a way to involve their monarchs without beleaguering their position.

  • 8 years ago


    Pretty much a basic standard game. Anand really doesn't HAVE to play much better. Let's draw out as far he is concerned. Again, it's Kramnik that has to step it up. From what we have seen so far, all Kramnik has is the HOTTER wife. Good luck boyz..!

  • 8 years ago


    Another pretty DRAW.....

  • 8 years ago


    People using Foidos service say kramnik leaves the stage every time he makes a move! weird...I think he is trying to find a dark place to pee, you know his bladder is killing him as in his match against Topalov...

    They also say Kramnik offered a draw after trading queens! What a  chicken!

  • 8 years ago


    Well played by Kramnik... but he played for a draw without planning on winning the game either Kramnik handle the white pieces or black. Anand new Kramnik pretty well and Anand is contented with a draw upon seeing Kramnik having a hard time trying to win with the black to no recourse. Well Anand still leads and I suppose Anand can equalize all the remaining games if he wish though but Anand will surely give us a different kind of chess game that Morozevich understands...lol.Wink

  • 8 years ago


    Wow, another dazzling draw, a real thriller! And what about all that spectacular  sacrifices that just didn't happen. Every game, another opening, brilliant. Keep up the good work boys, you're doing a great job boring us to death.  I bet it's the King's gambit tomorrow...

  • 8 years ago


    That was quite a generous draw... I get the feeling Vishy was playing it on the safe side - I mean, the h file is the only place for a possible breakthrough and Anand definitely has impetus.  To Anand, though, playing an endgame, and possibly letting Kramnik back into the match isn't worth the risk.  Good draw.

  • 8 years ago


    Good going vishy. Keep it up. Kramnik is not naturally attacking player anyway. So, another win for vishy predicted

  • 8 years ago



  • 8 years ago


    Sigh... Just saw the game .. There was nothing left in it...  Draw was the only result possible..

  • 8 years ago


    Anand now only needs 1.5 points in the next 5 (!) games to win this match.

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