Amazons' Pride Blitz tournament

Saint Petersburg
10 okt. 2021
0 (#102482)
0 (#97273)
Have any player under 1600-rated (before the start of the tournament) been streaming?
May you have any questions - don't hesitate to contact me or our Chief Arbiter Olexandr Prohorov via Good luck to everyone!
then join the Zoom call with your streamer Cam and then use the Window Capture of the Zoom with your face part in OBS. No panic - it's easy stuff we do every day for our collabs :) First eight players who will qualify to the knock-out stage are asked not to leave the Zoom call after the Swiss. You will be able to join the tournament one hour before the start by this link:
Dear participants of Amazons' Pride! Thank you for having registered for the tournament! For anti-cheating reasons, we kindly ask all the participants to join the Zoom call before the start of the event. Don't forget to activate the screen sharing: Zoom: Note for streamers: If you have only one cam, disactivate your cam in OBS
The tournament is scheduled: You will be able to join it 1h before the start! Don't forget to join the Zoom call - you will get the link soon on your email! GL everyone!