20 feb. 2020
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  • My favorite colour is dark green. I don't like red because it looks angry and looks bad for eyes.
  • I never play Brawl Stars because this is a game for fools.
  • My best friends are @ishanraj2020 @metallistverder @Pham_Gia_Bao @Pham_Gia_Khiem @jsjajh and @I_like_chess2020

  • @Amirova09 
I was enemy with her 4 times, but we are now friends


I like to play football, basketball, and golf. I like to see hockey. It's so nice!happy.png
I live in Moscow, but I was in Saint-Peterburg! I study in 4 class and this is so hard! My homework is big!
  • I am from Russia. I also have Poland blood on 1/16 of my family. 
  • I can speak English and Russian with you.
Don't invite me to clubs, please. I have a lot of clubs and I DON'T ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGES IN DAILY CHESS WITH TIME 1-4 DAYS because most of the daily chess games 1-3 days are difficult for me. You can invite me to a game with control from 5-20 minutes. But not a bullet, because I hate bullet games.
If you want to talk to me, you can do so anytime. I also play at You can also register there, it's a great place.
I like my friends and if you want you can join my club   but if you don't want to, don't join. and you can join 5 more clubs: 
My record is winning against FIDE master and National Master on