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Hello Everybody This is This Is The List Of Players I Have Adopted So Far (Beat Them 10 Games In A Row)

@abcde302 ( 10 Sec )

@SyedAli_Gm ( 30 Sec )

@barbashka2 ( 3 Min )

@grandmasterNo01 ( 10 Sec )

Finally check this outhappy.png

Hey guys, this is a great club for anyone on Please join it for never ending fun that contains lots of Tournaments, Puzzles, Team Matches and much more! so here is the link

Also as u might have already found out wink.png i like bullet and i play it alot i also like blitz. in bullet i just keep staying a 2000 range lol -_- and in blitz i kinda just stay in the early 1600. finally i play classical chess in official rated tournaments. Feel free to friend request me for challenge me anytime and i will mostly accept. if i do not accept your challenge don't worry it is nothing personal it is just that im busy or i have been loosing many games lately 

and here i got some jokes tongue.png

Here Comes the Pun: 277 Hilarious Jokes for Kids

            this one right here is true for some little kids lol

Here Comes the Pun: 277 Hilarious Jokes for Kids

thanks for reading my profile