If you are reading this please continue..  
Ok I could tell you are still reading 
Here is 20 things I know about you... 
  1. You are in chess com                                         
  2. You are evidently a human                                
  3. You can read because you are reading this   
  4. You are either tempted to read more or bored out of your mind                                                                 
  5. I am telling you to stop reading this 
  6. Okay You are continue reading       
  7. You  are shocked I have 900 views 
  8. You went and look and came back or did nothing 
  9. You have IQ and EQ 
  10. You can be kind! 
  11. Please friend me 
  12. You either friend me or continue reading  
  13. You are still reading this I am shocked!     
  14. Uh bye or something ....        
  15. Please stop this is the end 
  16. Just kidding I tricked you 
  17. You are smiling 
  18. You are checking if you did smiled 
  19. This is the End Bye! 
  20. Just kidding Now this is the End.