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Hope you're doing well, and nice to meet you happy.png

I am a final year student at Imperial College London, and I study aerospace engineering. I've recently taken an interest in software engineering, so that's what I'll be doing after I graduate!

 Oh, Chess? I've been playing chess for 17 years. These are a few of my highlights wink.png  

  • Winning the Malaysia National Chess Championship in 2013
  • Becoming a FIDE Master
  • Playing in the 2014 Norway Olympiad

I also enjoy a lot of the variants! 2300+ on Atomic, my favourite. 2200+ on Fog of War. 2100+ on 3-Check and Giveaway. 2000+ on a lot of other variants.

If you're still here, thanks! Support my twitch channel if you feel like it happy.png https://www.twitch.tv/ellipsoul