My status:

Sad that @8DragonChess8 is inactive


I like playing 4PC and my favorites are WOF's and Collateral World

I won the Fool's Day: 56 tournament with a score of 106 (16.5/19)!

Nothing else though XD


Syrup's status:

Wants to battle

Wants to eat doritos

Being adorable



Syrup's abilities:

Spirit Cannon: Launches a beam of light that destroys everything in its path

Currently training to destroy cave walls with it

Mother Nature: Grows vines and trees and stuff

Petals of Sleep: Makes enemies lose strength and makes them falls asleep

Sinking Earth: Makes an area like quick sand and makes them drown in sand

Bite: Bites with its gums

Megamorph: Grows huge and doubles its HP

Psychokinesis: Makes Syrup float in the air (Usually used with Megamorph

Rampart: Makes destructible walls around Syrup




Hellow I'm an abnormal middle schooler according to @RedFastMath and I play chess because I have nothing to do so I'm bored.

I also speak the Doriturtle language (Dorito+turtle)

Turtle dorito turtle turtle doriturtle turtle doriturtle turtle dorito turtle turtle dorito.

I giveaway games a lot with blunders and like to watch good animes. I just finished Naruto manga version and it was good so I recommend to get them from the library. 

I'm currently reading One Piece Manga.

I'm also an owner of the club called Chess Players Who are Always Bored  but it doesn't have that much members (Rip) 

I'd appreciate it if you join the club though

I beat a FM in Atomic chess!