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uhh ok so ur reading this even when i told u not to





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Hi I Am...

try to guess my name


too bad if you don't know my previous username.

very obvious right?
who is @Leoshi?


Let $a$ and $b$ be nonzero complex numbers such that
\[|a| = |b| = |a + b|.\]Find the sum of all possible values of $\frac{a}{b}.$

More problems can be found here

answer to problem can be found here

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my favorite game:

try to guess the moves. hint: the result is a draw. so far, no one has been able to solve it. if you have, message me a screenshot.

wut is 1+1*2?

its 3




new! 100% accuracy for both sides.

consisting of only book moves

but this: white not 100%(99.7%) because not all book moves.

a game with only book moves can get 100%.

and this won't:





the best game I ever played:

look at my accuracy


lol facts:

1. you are looking at a screen

2. you are alive

3. u can't say the letter "t" without touching your upper mouth with your tongue.

4. you just tried it

5. your smiling

7. you didn't notice i skipped 6

8. you looked back

8. your smiling again

9. you didn't notice I posted two eights

10. you looked back

11. your laughing

12. you should join

14. you did not join if you aren't in it already.

14. you joined now to prove that I was wrong

15. I skipped 13, and doubled 14, and you found I was right.

16. you found I have tons of mistakes here

15. you have reached the end of my lol facts. {LOL}

my possible profile pictures:


wutever this would probably be longer