20 nov. 2018
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I already know more than ten facts about you. You want proof? Then look below:

1.You are a person living in the Whole Wide World.

2.You are breathing.

3.Your heart is beating.

4.Your name starts with an Alphbet.

6.You are older or younger than me.

7.You are on a website called chess.com.

8.You have a computer/tab/phone/smart watch

9.You are using a web browser.

10.I missed number 5

11.You just went to check it.

1.You are Laughing

13.You know how to read.

14.You viewed a profile.

15.This has not ended.

16.I wrote 1 after 11.

17.You just went to check.

18.You were caught again.

19.I repeated NO.1

Some realized I was just joking, but in real, I repeated it.

You just checked.

22.I missed 20 and 21.

24.You just checked.

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