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Who Dares to challenge ME!!!! Hello! My name is MinionCat and my absolute favorite player is Magnus Carlsen and I am happy he is the world champion right now! I love playing the fried liver as white! I mean it is deadly and fun! As black I like to play kings knight opening. My Morphy number is 5! I played someone who played someone who played someone who played someone who played Paul Morphy! A Morphy number is like this. Pretend you played someone who played Morphy your Morphy number would be 1! Why because there was one person in between you and Morphy! Friend me and I might play you! Thanks! Wait... too short? Okay okay I will tell you more. I am a nice person, I would love it if you would send me friend requests. Every trophies you give I give back!!! Motto: Always look on the bright side!!!

I play Minecraft and Brawl Stars (My club is SUPER BRAWLERS and my username is GHOST)



Here are some good clubs you should join.

First of all MinionCat and Friends!!!

Hey, I want to tell you about a fast growing club that needs you to join. MinionCat and Friends! Participate in monthly events to earn titles and trophies. Participate in programs or get reminders by signing up for emerald list. Look at facts of the week and participate in lots of vote chess games and matches. Just follow the rules and you'll have tons of fun at MinionCat and Friends. Not only that, you can get admin 4 free!!! No SA, sorry! Join TODAY