Hey guys, remember when a bunch of Sonic fans nearly destroyed the economy in the US? Fortunately, the US Government passed an executive order known as "Rule 34" to stop it. Search up "sonic inflation rule 34" for more info.

If anyone wants to adopt me, just PM me and try

Sons and daughters (I adopted these people):

Grandsons and granddaughters (I double adopted these people):

Fathers and mothers (these people adopted me): 

Grandfathers and grandmothers (these people double adopted me):

My rating charts are like crypto charts: they slowly rise up, then they crash into the ground.

Current status: Tilt

Bullying? Think you're cool? That girl you just called fat? That was funny. The woman you called ugly? The actual truth. The boy who you picked on for crying? Who even has tear ducts, anyway? Well deserved. The man you bullied for his scar? He probably wouldn't have that if his father didn't leave him for the milk and stanned Loona. Repost on your own bio if you support bullying.

Also, everyone has tons of songs in their bio for some reason, so it's my turn to hop on the band wagon.