Hi everybody!
Regarding chess Tactics - every now and then I make improvements -
to these profile Notes about tactics.
And the two latest improvements -
may help with outlining Tactics ideas more concisely.

The idea that the lopsidedness of piece values in chess -
has many far-reaching implications regarding how positions are best looked at. 
And calculated.

For example:  the Kings having a kind of infinite value.
And a Queen is usually worth about nine times what a pawn is worth.  
And so on. 
This also means that squares as opposed to pieces -
will also have uneven values.
This seems to be a factor in the new AlphaZero machine.
Apparently it chooses its calculations better than other machines. 
Resulting in much more efficiency and greater accuracy and depth.

But this same thing occurs in human play too.
Where stronger players often do less calculations than weaker ones.
Because they know better what matters more.
I'll have more to say about how these "priorities" work -
as I gradually get the notes re-organized.
Which could take a while! 

The second new idea concerns something I call misdirection.
Whether its a Tactics problem position or a game position.
We can go through our Observations and our Calculations 
but if the problem or position succeeds in misleading us -
or we otherwise "get misled" -
then that hurts efficiency and accuracy and results.
And its often only afterwards that its seen how the player was misdirected -
but then that's "Too Late".  happy.png 

So in addition to 1) Observations and 2) Calculations -
a method or process is desirable during the problem or game position -
to address 3) Misdirection.

Now this is a new idea.  I haven't thought about it a lot yet.
And perhaps it will be very difficult to write about.
But experience helps. 
In the meantime -
I also intend to re-organize my other Tactics notes.
So it'll be a while before they're presented again.
Thank you.