I learned to play from my Dad. I had watched my father play chess with his friends, and asked him to teach me. He told me that I had to learn the names of the pieces and how they moved before he'd play with me. I got a book and learned enough to satisfy him that I was really interested, and then we started playing. The first thing he taught me was that the object was to WIN, and he was going to beat me, but that winning wasn't fun for him unless the game was a challenge. So, he allowed me to remove any 2 of his pieces from the board at the beginning of the game. I'd take his Queen and a Rook, and we'd play. And he'd win everytime. After a while though, he quit giving me the handicap, and still he'd really whip me! He won every game we played until I was 18. Finally, the day came when I check-mated him! He congratulated me, and wanted to play another right then, but I told him NO! He'd won every game for 12 years, and I want to savor the victory for at least 1 day!!! I didn't play him for years. Now, everytime we see each other, the first thing we do is break out the chess set. He taught me a lot, but one of my best memories is of my first win against him!