nice thought it was a blunder yesssssss

(I don't know if you'll ever read this since the last variant of this video got deleted. But if you're out there reading this, I just hope you're still cherishing this music as much as I do, and that you are doing well. I just wish to be able to talk to you again. I'm doing better compared to that one night that you've talked to me. I wish you happiness. Till our paths cross again.)

Hello i am currently 15 living in the us just playing chess all day grinding to 1000 elo before this year ends,you think that i will make it? great cause i am already doing that if you want to add a quote just message me and i will put your name and what ever you say i will quote it for free also i made this acc as a joke but now i am full time serious about getting 1000 elo also i quote random people so if you don't want me in my bio,just say so.Β  Β  Β 


@PurpleGM12 "Konichiwa are u Atomic chan ?"

@JD_Wuffa "just like our prmitive ancestors once said,"ujeirjutebeeyert"" which probaly meant nothing"

@snowflake_4 "We can risk everything for our country, but we must not risk our country for anything."

@wise_but_cunning "u kidding me?"

@lollyrio "I have seen you played only 3 daily games what about a rematch ?"

@Mistergutsy2277 " don't do squish in the dunk house "Β 

@Chessguy149 "sus"

@helloanaya4"-anaya-🌈 -s0mEwhEre-🌈"

@icyboyyy "foot operation owee"

@Chargebolt029 daughter Aphrodite and Apollo,sister of Hestia @DePu25 Friend Me

@Juice0ne82 "it is a mistake to make theory's before you have facts because then you twist facts to fit theory's instead of theory's to fit facts"

@Stock_Fish109 Please don't send me friend requests unless you message me first, or unless I know you. Also, don't invite me to clubs, unless I know you, or you message me. Thanks

@HarveyZhanghan I hope you play cat crash with meΒ 

@Beautiful_Wolf im a wolf. or am I? you would never know…

My feet are aching
And your back is pretty tired
And we've drunk a couple bottles, babe
And set our grief aside
The Papers say it's doomsday
The button has been pressed
We're gonna nuke each other up boys
'Til old satan stands impressed
And here it is, our final night alive
And as the earth runs to the ground
Oh girl it's you that I lie with
As the atom bomb locks in
Oh it's you I watch TV with
As the world, as the world caves in
You put your final suit on
I paint my fingernails
Oh we're going out in style babe
And everything's on sale
We creep up on extinction
I pull your arms right in
I weep and say goodnight love
While my organs pack it in
And here it is, our final night alive
I know my bio short but deal with it May/19/2021