28 apr. 2020
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Hi friends, 

My name is ****** and I am 10

See these quizzes and answer it!

Lets see who knows me best

A bit more about me-

My name is Shourya, I am 10 years old, I live in India, I love playing lego and building things, My favorite pastime is to bounce and play with balls. I am also writing a story about superheroes, (not like a rip-off with both marvel and DC superheroes but I am making new superheroes and a new plot, basically completely different other than the super hero part) with my brother.

I have online classes, I am the class- topper ( not bragging- it is a fact) My good friends on are-

1. @GullibleBoy

2. @amogh_saagar

3. @akis33

4. @chinmaychamp20

5. @darshubabu

These guys are really cool people!

Also pls join my club-

Its a great club... Has tourneys every day, pls join