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We are a 1200+ members club and extremely active, we also have puzzles and a club currency system. So therefore please join! Your help will be greatly appreciated.happy.png

Also if you think that you are one of my best friends and you know me well, I suggest you join this club

Look at this picture it is seriously worth your time although it takes two minutes to load


There will always be a pawn who chooses to underpromote"

Almost all pawns promote into queens, but on rare occasions they will promote into a rook, bishop, or knight. In life, everyone strives to be the best, to be like everyone else, or just not to fall behind others. But it is okay to be different. It is okay to be less powerful, or less important. Just remember that in your own chess game of life, you will always have a choice to promote into whatever you want.

Also this is my best win ever: (Spoiler alert: There is a queen sacrifice and many blunders!!)

Fun Facts:

1) You can remove any letter from "seat" and still end up with a real word

2) Each time you light your lighter it your lighter gets lighter and lighter until your lighter won't light

3) You don't actually know the day you were born, you're just taking everyone's word for it

4) Something "on" the ceiling is technically under the ceiling

5) When you are taking a shower, you are in that very moment, one of the cleanest people in the world

6) You spend more time looking at other people's faces than your own

7) Pickup trucks can't pick up trucks

8) The greatest heist in history is one we don't know happened

9) The 2 e's in the word "bee' is completely unnecessary

Thanks for viewing my profile, I will continue updating it!happy.png