Hiya I'm Wowy! (You can also call me Wow or Weirdo but the last one is my least favorite)

here is my list of epic friends: (tell me if you're not on here but you think you should be!)

In no particular order:

@Loshi01 - philosophy buddy 😎

@ricorat - really cool future NM

@Thunder7 - your pfp is lightning btw

@ninjaswat -aNiMe YeS

@assassin3752 - the assassin muahahaha

@DasBurner - we'll never know what happened to your previous username, right?

@CatsWithWings00 - cats + wings = epic

@SweetPeaBuddy - very nice person happy.png

@KeSetoKaiba - great at posting educational things on chess!

@mrfreezyiceboy - never say that someone who once cheated is still a cheater. icy is also a great friend!

@garbagem8 - definitely not garbage at chess. I am serious and whoever things so = -_-

@lionju - irl best friend happy.png

@little_guinea_pig - great at chess. Tho I'm starting to miss those guinea pigs on your old pfp.

@jtf13 - epic epic bro (siblings are the best even when they are a pain in the neck, aren't they?)

@Darth_Crinklegadget - cool irl friend

@gymnast58 - another irl friend 

@viznik - unclosed yay


Da bio ig

Name: Antidisestablishmentarianism 

Age: __ years old. I won't tell you, and if you pm me about this you'll get tRoLlEd


oh yeah I speak russian so if you tell me "ver iz my extrra rrrusian vodka" i'll always find something wrong about your accent  tongue.png (Unless you speak russian)