5 for Fighting

439 członków
4 lip 2021
23 330 rozegranych turniejów


I'm @Black__Knight, the Super Admin of 5 for Fighting, and I've got an electrifying proposition for you! Our mission? To ascend to the glorious heights of 1st place. Right now, we hold the 18th spot,  the beginning of our epic journey.

If you're a fierce aficionado of Daily Chess and possess the unwavering determination to aid us in conquering our goal, consider this your exclusive invitation to join the ranks of 5 for Fighting, also known as Team 54.

We are a battalion of relentless fighters. The number 54 symbolizes our unyielding spirit—we never give up, we never back down, and we are fearlessly taking on all of Chess.com clubs.

Gear up, become a 54 Warrior! Join 5 for Fighting, where victory is not just a goal; it's our destiny. 

 Join, have Fun and let's DOMINATE!!