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Location: Here, there and everywhere
Założony: 2 sie 2013
Użytkowników: 4 734

Chess-n-Chat is all about chat, especially in the group chatroom at live chess, the place where you play your games. Here we meet old friends and find new friends. This group functions as a substitute for the original Main Hall Chat and the old Debate+ room at live.chess.com. At this moment we are the most active chat room at chess.com Everything can be discussed within reason, if it is done with respect to the opinion of others. However, any form of discrimination will not be tolerated. To access the instant chat room, log into live chess, go to the "Chat" tab located under the graph seek, select "Rooms", finally click "Join" which is next to Chess-n-Chat. Your account has to be at least a month old to join! If you want to bypass this rule, message one of the Super Admins.


  • Online 10 dni temu

    Martijn Stonepainter | Home, somewhere in the body, Międzynarodowy

    Dołączył do klubu: 4 sie 2013

  • Online 1 dzień temu

    석 현 | Baltimore, Korea Południowa

    Dołączył do klubu: 13 sty 2016

  • W trakcie gry na żywo

    Blunderville, Norwegia

    Dołączył do klubu: 25 sty 2015

  • Online 2 dni temu

    Jeff Rodgers | Playing Chess in Cyber Space :)), Stany Zjednoczone

    Dołączył do klubu: 14 lut 2015

  • Online 5 dni temu

    Location: In Your Mind, Międzynarodowy

    Dołączył do klubu: 20 gru 2014

  • Online 4 godziny temu

    *GJ* | Virginia, Stany Zjednoczone

    Dołączył do klubu: 19 gru 2014

  • Online 2 godziny temu

    Teddy Roo | Shrewsbury, Wielka Brytania

    Dołączył do klubu: 2 sie 2013


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