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Team Estonia

Team Estonia

Estonia Założony: 25 sty 2009
Użytkowników: 249

Welcome to Team Estonia! This team is for Estonian players. We play team matches, vote chess and tournaments! Now 250+ members.

We represent Estonia in the World League and European League. Welcome aboard!

***>>>About our Team Matches: We generally play only league matches (European League, World League) but we also play friendly matches from time to time. If you wish to challenge Team Estonia, these are our preferred settings (to avoid matches that last too long): "Days per Move" (maximum) = 3, "Players Per Team" (maximum) = 10 (but smaller values are OK too), "2 simultaneous games", "Auto Start" = Yes (preferred). Note: We don't like to play matches if there is no hope of winning, i.e. against much larger teams.<<<***


  • Online 6 godzin temu

    Vjatseslav Rosin | Tallinn, Estonia

    Dołączył do klubu: 4 sie 2011


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