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1st Official Reddit Tournament (1200-1399)

Czas rozpoczęcia: 1 cze 2013

  • Czas na ruch
  • Gracze
  • Gry rankingowe
  • Śr. ranking
  • Zakres rankingu
  • Dostępne punkty
  • Maksymalny rozmiar grupy
  • Ukończona
  • # Awansujących
  • Runda
  • Gry symultaniczne
  • Ukończone gry
  • Tie Break
  • Pozostało partii
  • Maksymalny średni czas na ruch
  • il. przegranych na czas
  • Największa niespodzianka

Here is how it works: 

1. Be a reddit member. If you are not, go away and signup for reddit.com. Then after you have marinated in reddit.com for several months and consider yourself a legit redditor, you will then feel worthy to join future tournaments. In the future. Not today. 

2. Sign up. If you aren't a Chess.com member, signup for free here: www.chess.com/register.  Then choose your correct tournament section.

3. Post your reddit name in these tournament comments. That way we know who to make fun of when we see you on reddit. Or severely shame if we catch you cheating (see below). 

4. Don't Cheat. That means: don't get help from friends. Don't use computers. If you think the biggest chess site doesn't know when you are cheating, you are in for a jolly surprise. Not only will your Chess.com account get closed, but we will post a list of cheaters in /r/chess with their reddit names. Plus, http://i.qkme.me/3u6c0m.jpg

5. Win Prizes. Each section has the following prizes:

- 1st Place: 1 year Reddit Gold, 1 hour lesson with Grandmaster Coach, 1 year Chess.com Diamond Membership
- 2nd Place: 1 year Diamond Membership
- 3rd Place: 1 year Chess.com Gold Membership


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