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GM Aleksey Dreev

Aleksey Dreev
Full name
Aleksey Sergeyevich Dreev
Jan 30, 1969 (age 54)‎
Place of birth
Stavropol, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union



Aleksey Dreev is a Russian grandmaster and is currently among the top-50 players in his country (as of February 2021). Dreev was a successful young player, winning the U16 World Youth Chess Championship both in 1983 and 1984. He was also the European junior champion in 1988, a year before he became a grandmaster.

In 1995, Dreev won two strong tournaments, the Biel Grandmaster Tournament and the Hoogovens Tournament (now called Tata Steel). Other successes include his number-one spot during the European Blitz Championship in 2000 and the European Rapid Chess Championship in 2012. Dreev also helped the Russian team win the Olympiads of 1992, 1994, and 1996.

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