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GM Andrew Soltis

Andrew Soltis
Photo: Vlopresto/Wikimedia, CC.
Full name
Andrew Soltis
May 28, 1947 (age 75)‎
Place of birth
United States



Andrew Soltis is an American grandmaster and chess author. Born in 1947, he did not seriously pursue chess until he was 14 when he began playing at chess clubs in New York City. He became an international master in 1974 and a grandmaster in 1980 and twice won the U.S. Open.

As strong a player as Soltis is, he is better known as a columnist and author. In 1972 he began covering chess for the New York Post, and his column in Chess Life magazine started in 1979. He has also written countless books, including several about specific world champions from Emanuel Lasker to GM Magnus Carlsen and openings from the King's Gambit to the Trompowsky Attack, as well as other subjects such as calculation and pawn structure.

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