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GM Andrey Baryshpolets

Andrey Baryshpolets
Photo: Andrey Baryshpolets/Facebook.
Full name
Andrey Vadimovich Baryshpolets
Jan 16, 1991 (age 33)‎
Place of birth
Kyiv, Ukraine



Andrey (Andrii) Baryshpolets is a Ukrainian grandmaster and a candidate for the FIDE presidency in 2022. 

Baryshpolets won the U18 division of the Ukrainian championship in 2008 and was the runner-up at the Ukrainian blitz championship in 2012. He shared first with GM Ivan Popov and GM Alberto David at the Parsvnath Delhi Open tournament in 2015. He won the 2017 Winter Chess Classic round-robin tournament in St. Louis, scoring 6.5/9 ahead of GMs Ioan-Cristian Chirila, Robert Hess, Alejandro Ramirez, and other GMs.

Baryshpolets studied at Texas Tech and won the Pan-American Intercollegiate Championship with the university team in 2015 and 2018.

Baryshpolets submitted a petition to remove Arkady Dvorkovich from the FIDE presidency in April 2022 and decided to oppose him in the presidential elections in May 2022.

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