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IM Emory Tate

Emory Tate
Panthena Open
Full name
Emory Andrew Tate Jr.
Dec 27, 1958 - Oct 17, 2015 (age 56)‎
Place of birth
Chicago, Illinois, United States
United States


Emory Tate was an American international master and five-time Armed Forces Chess Championship. He won the Indiana State Championship six times and was active in the Chicago chess scene. Most memorable was his reputation as a brilliant tactician and, thanks to his contagious passion for the game, he often drew crowds to his exciting post-mortem analysis sessions (his famous "triple exclam" phrase is part of the title of a book about his life and games). He had a daughter and two sons, including Emory Andrew Tate II, who is a professional kickboxer.

Emory Tate collapsed in the middle of a game at a chess tournament in 2015, dying tragically at the age of 56. For learn more about him, read’s article on Emory Tate’s legacy.

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