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Kevin Bordi

Kevin Bordi
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Kevin Bordi
Dec 21, 1991 (age 32)‎
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Kevin Bordi is a French national master, content creator, and streamer superstar. He's the most popular chess streamer in France and the Director of French Content for

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Chess Career

Kevin Bordi learned to play chess when he was just a kid. As a young player, Bordi developed his chess skills very fast and was among the top players of his age in France.

NM Kevin Bordi.
NM Kevin Bordi. Photo: Kevin Bordi/Twitter.

Bordi went to Russia to play a tournament when he was 17 and fell in love with the country. He went back to Russia a year later and lived there for five years. During his time there, he made a living playing online poker. He also worked in a chess club and with the Moscow Chess Federation.

He moved back to France in 2015 and started his career as a chess content creator. Since then, he has played in multiple online tournaments, like's Arena Kings, Titled Tuesday, and others.

Kevin Bordi streaming on Twitch.
Bordi streaming on Twitch.

Most notably, Bordi participated in three editions of the PRO Chess League. In 2017 and 2018, he played for the Cannes Blockbusters team, while he decided to fill the France Roosters' manager role in 2020.

We can see Bordi's aggressive style highlighted in the game below. Playing with the black pieces against Gupta Prithu (who is now a grandmaster), Bordi seems to never back down and always go for the throat. His attack on White's queenside proves to be too much for Prithu to handle, forcing him to resign.

Bordi reached his peak classical FIDE rating of 2288 in February 2018 and his peak blitz rating of 2857 in November 2020. A tactical player, Bordi is not one to dismiss unusual openings and usually welcomes complicated positions. In the video below, we can see the French master playing the Grob Opening against GM Magnus Carlsen during a Titled Tuesday event.

BlitzStream Channels

Bordi has become the most prominent chess streamer and content creator in France after creating the BlitzStream channels on Twitch and YouTube.

His YouTube channel is currently the biggest chess channel in France, with close to 84,000 subscribers (December 2020). His content includes highlights of his blitz games, educational videos on openings, key chess concepts, game analysis, and more. One of his most popular videos is a 30-minute lecture on the Scotch Defense (in French):

On Twitch, he has amassed nearly 55,000 followers who have together accumulated almost 400,000 hours watched just over the last month (December 2020). All those fans gather to watch Bordi playing live, providing commentary on chess matches, host sub battles, and more. Content

Bordi is also the Director of French Content for and has created a significant amount of exclusive material for the website. Bordi regularly makes educational videos on different aspects of the game, like this video where he talks about the knight:

He also provides French commentary on important chess events like the Speed Chess Championship, Candidates Tournament, World Chess Championship, and others:

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