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Louis Paulsen

Louis Paulsen
Photo: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons.
Full name
Louis Paulsen
Jan 15, 1833 - Aug 18, 1891 (age 58)‎
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Louis Paulsen was a German chess master and one of the best players in the world in his time. In 1862, Paulsen tied a match against unofficial world champion Adolf Anderssen. He later defeated Anderssen in two different matches that were played in 1876 and 1877.

A player ahead of his time, Paulsen challenged the prevalent notion that attacking is more important than defending in chess. He favored a more defensive style of play, which differed vastly from the Romantic chess players of the 1800s. Besides his revolutionary approach to the game, Paulsen contributed extensively to the development of chess openings. He developed the Paulsen and Dragon variations of the Sicilian Defense, as well as the Paulsen Attack in the Scotch Game and the Paulsen Variation of the Vienna Game.

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