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FM Luis Fernandez Siles

Luis Fernandez Siles
Full name
Luis Fernandez Siles
Feb 13, 1971 (age 53)‎
Place of birth



Luis Fernandes Siles, known as Luison by Spanish chess fans, is a FIDE master, commentator, blogger, trainer, and chess celebrity. He's also a content creator for and editor and director of the chess magazine "Capakhine."

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Early Chess Career To FIDE Master

Luis Fernandez Siles learned chess from his brothers when he was a kid and developed a passion for the game after meeting his first chess coach, Juan Campos, in school.

Luis, who has also worked as a magician and actor, earned his FIDE master title in 2003 and reached his peak rating of 2368 in July 2010. Between that time, he won the Andalusia championship three times—in the 2005/2006, 2006/2007, and 2009/2010 editions. He has also won an international master norm in the 2009 Spanish Championship and another in the 2010 Roquetas de Mar Open.

FM Luis
FM Luis Fernandez Siles. Photo: Luis Fernandez Siles/

Luison's aggressive style is a treat to the eyes of those who enjoy tactics. The game below illustrates how the Spanish master's sharp play can overwhelm even the strongest players. Playing as White, Luis launched a quick attack on GM Hannes Stefansson's king. Two misguided moves by the Icelandic grandmaster were enough for Luison to convert the game.

Chess Coach

Luis has not only accomplished a lot in his career as a player but also as a coach. He has helped multiple delegations of young talents to achieve the number-one spot in many tournaments.

FM Luison Fernandez Siles.
Luison has coached many young talents. Photo: Luis Fernandez Siles/Instagram.

Several Spanish players have also had a very successful career as junior players under Luison's supervision. They include Laura Jimenez (several times Spain champion and Andalusia champion), Francisco García Molina (many times Andalusia champion), Antonio Pintor Munoz (Spain champion and multiple Andalusia championship titles), Francisco Orantes (Spain champion, Andalusia champion, and European Union champion), and Alejandro Domingo (two times Andalusia champion).

Independent Content

Luison has conquered the hearts of Spanish-speaking chess fans worldwide with his charisma. His background as a magician and actor shines through as he teaches chess concepts in a lighthearted and entertaining way.

His YouTube channel has amassed more than 260,000 followers and upwards of 29 million views (March 2021). On it, Luis analyzes games, talks about crucial chess concepts, teaches the basic ideas of chess openings, and publishes entertaining videos about the game. Here's a video (in Spanish) of him introducing the top-five most aggressive and surprising chess openings:

Luis is also the editor and director of the chess magazine "Capakhine"—a publication destined for children and parents alike. The magazine brings advice, training tools, and other supporting resources for families connected interested in chess. Content

Luison is also a Spanish content creator for As such, he creates video and written content for the website, commentates on tournaments, and streams for the ES channel.

Every content Luison touches always turns into fun. Here is a Twitch clip of the Spanish master sacrificing a bishop and a queen to checkmate his opponent during an online tournament.

You can also enjoy this video of Luison commentating on the 2020 Speed Chess Semifinals between GM Magnus Carlsen and GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave.

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