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GM S P Sethuraman

S P Sethuraman
Photo: Maria Emelianova/
Full name
Sethuraman Panayappan Sethuraman
Feb 25, 1993 (age 30)‎
Place of birth
Madras, India



In this name, S P stands for Sethuraman Panayappan, which is his father's name, and the player should be referred to by his name, Sethuraman.

S. P. Sethuraman is an Indian grandmaster and Asian chess champion. He won the Asian U-12 championship in 2004 and became World U-16 Champion in 2009. He became a grandmaster three years later after getting his last norm for winning the 2010 Voivoda Cup.

Sethuraman won the Indian National Premier Championship in 2014 and helped India win the bronze medal at the Chess Olympiad that same year. Two years later, Sethuraman won the Asian Chess Championship.

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