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2 de set. de 2018
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Hello everyone. Gotten back into chess, meanwhile my daughter has been playing in a chess club for a couple of years and I feel her progress has been a bit too slow, so I've purchased the beginner plan for myself and the novice plan for her and now we are focusing together to both try to get an improved understanding of this beautiful game.
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Hello everyone. I'm an older player whos is getting back in to chess after long absence. It's not going well so decided to purchase Matt pprogram. I have not been able to improve my rating much in recent weeks. I'm playing far below where used to be years ago. I need to find out why. My best to all of you. And, thank you Matt!
Oct 23, 2021
Hi folks - I’ve been playing chess for years. For quite some time I've been studying too much and paying much too little. The result has been a dramatic rating drop. I need a plan where I play more chess and focus my study time. In the sprit of "Chess Improvement" by Hymer and Wells I will swallow my pride, focus on a Growth Mindset and start the Novice Premium Study Plan. I plan to get organized this weekend and get started Monday. Looks like great fun! Cheers!!