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2 de set. de 2018
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@Jerrislee I am 63 and started playing 3 years ago after almost 40 years away from the game. It is much harder at my age but have improved significantly and am now 1725 OTB. I am also dyslexic and find 2d online chess much harder to play than 3d OTB. The biggest plus is I now have more free time to play and study now I have retired.
I just played maybe the wildest game I've had in a while and actually won it pretty cleanly despite the tactics everywhere! Thought I'd share:
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i ordered the 2 books and they will be here next week very excited to see if a 60 year old man can get better would like to get back up to the 1300 level that i was at
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They have a recommendation on their site for where to start. I started with a Rapid rating of 1000 but as the plans are based upon Blitz ratings, I started at the Beginner 1 plan.
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i want to try the study plan also i am right at 1100 i have been playing for almost a year after after a 30 year break not sure if i should do the beginner or advance