Fellow Filipino Live chess players. Live Chess Team Tournaments for Country's National Team  being conducted by  Live Chess World League (LCWL) has been going on now at Chess.com and it is the EUROPEAN Countries that are dominating the tournaments, mainly because of the participation of their titled and high rated Live chess players who are showing their solidarity by playing for their country as a team. 

One such noted example of this unity in a match is the 2017 Finals between Team Ukraine vs Team Russia wherein 133 players from each team  participated including GMs, IMs, FMs and CMs. 


Alam nating lahat na ang mga Pinoy ay di pahuhuli pagdating sa Live chess. Kaya....

Ito na ang pagkakataon nating mga Pinoy na maipakita sa ibang BANSA na kaya nating mga PINOY makipagsabayan at maging Champion sa Live Chess Team  Tournament.

Ang mga kagaya mo kaibigan, ang kailangan ng Team Philippines Live Chess , sa pamumuno ng mga Pinoy Masters na sina GMgmjoey1, GMHamonde,

FMrase,NMwanvis,FMjony79 at atNMaxle2017 upang maisakatuparan ang adhikaing ito.

Sana ay paunlakan mo ang anyaya naming ito na maglaro ng Live Chess Team Tournament para sa sarili nating Bayan.