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Combinations of Mikhail Tal Part 3

Combinations of Mikhail Tal Part 3

The tactical heritage of Mikhail Tal is enormous and I hope that a third course on his brilliant ideas will please the reader...and bring the reader to the next level of tactical mastery!
  • Heavy Metal

    The ability to discover hidden tactical ideas is a sign of a great talent. Tal knew like no one else when and where to look for them.

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  • Weak by Presumption

    If you look at the initial position of any game you will immediately spot than one square is weaker than the others. It is f7 (f2), which is defended by only the king. Even when the king castles this square can still remain vulnerable.

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  • Cashing In

    Whenever you attack there always occurs a moment in which you want to cash in on your activity. A good attacker needs to easily spot these moments and to correctly define which pieces need to be traded and which should be left on the board.

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  • Pawn Tsunami

    The outcome of a combination is usually either mate or a decisive material advantage. However, there is a third road - liquidation to a better/won endgame!

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  • One More Time!

    Johan Hjartarson reached the quarterfinals of the Candidates Tournament in 1988 and was one of the best Icelandic chess players. However in his encounters with Mikhail the Great he often had to settle for the destiny of a "co-producer."

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  • Danger in the Center

    Open files and diagonals can be dangerous not only when aimed against the king. If there are too many pieces on the files/diagonals one can make use of that by creating various double attacks.

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  • Magnet Power

    The act of dragging the enemy king out of its pawn shelter can be compared with the power of the magnet. The stronger the magnet, the stronger the force. Watch and recreate Tal's beauty!

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  • Where is the Danger?

    It must have been very difficult to face Tal in a game. Not only did he have this glaring look on his face while attacking, but in many cases people did not even know where on the board he would strike next!

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  • Youth Versus Experience

    Mikhail Tal had a negative score against the great Viktor Kortschnoj. Many considered this to be due to the "irregular", defense style of the latter. Indeed, Kortschnoj loved to defend and he willingly took risks and accepted sacrificed material,...

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  • The Open Highway

    The open files are the main roads of action for the heavy pieces and are highly enjoyed as attacking tools. Various weaknesses can be discovered when playing along them but the main one is usually the back rank!

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