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The Technique of Calculation

The Technique of Calculation

In this series we will test your ability to calculate complex variations featuring a variety of tactical themes and checkmates. You'll be asked to find the best moves in games of world-class players such as David Bronstein, Robert Fischer, and Vladimir Kramnik. Are you up to the challenge? Good luck!
  • Bronstein Strikes! - Part 1

    This position was reached in the game Olafsson-Bronstein, Moscow 1959. David Bronstein was one of the best tactical players of all time. He was a very creative player, and in this game he found an amazing way to attack the white king.

    • 5 utmaningar
  • Bronstein Strikes! - Part 2

    We will continue to analyze the position from the game Olafsson-Bronstein, Moscow 1959.

    • 2 utmaningar
  • Bronstein Strikes! - Part 3

    We continue analyzing the game Olafsson-Bronstein, Moscow 1959 because there were many more interesting variations that you had to calculate!

    • 4 utmaningar
  • Bronstein Strikes! - Part 4

    We conclude the analysis of Olafsson-Bronstein, Moscow 1959. See if you saw everything!

    • 4 utmaningar
  • A Brilliant Deflection! - Part 1

    Another interesting game, and again a bunch of variations must be calculated. Take your time and be patient. Try to find all the best lines!

    • 4 utmaningar
  • A Brilliant Deflection! - Part 2

    We continue to analyze Vasiukov-Matanovic, Skopje 1970. For the next few lessons we will see what happens if Black doesn't accept the sacrifice.

    • 5 utmaningar
  • A Brilliant Deflection! - Part 3

    We continue analyzing the game Vasiukov-Matanovic, 1970. Here we examine what happens after 1...Qf7.

    • 5 utmaningar
  • A Brilliant Deflection! - Part 4

    Here we will conclude our analysis of Vasiukov-Matanovic, looking at 1...Be2.

    • 3 utmaningar
  • Exploiting the Dark Squares

    The following position is taken from the game Sadler-Kramnik, Monaco 1998. Can you find Kramnik's winning combination?

    • 12 utmaningar
  • Exploiting a Lead in Development

    In one of Fischer's most famous games he demonstrates what you should do when your opponent's king is stuck in the center. By calculating a few short lines Fischer ends the game quickly and cleanly. From the game Fischer-Dely, Skopje 1967.

    • 6 utmaningar
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