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Chess Cheat Sheet

Chess Cheat Sheet

Chess is a great game played by millions of people around the world. If you’ve just started to learn how to play and are looking for a simple tool to remind of you the rules and basic concepts of the game, this handy chess cheat sheet will definitely help you.

Our cheat sheet covers all the important things you need to know in a simple and visual format that’s easy to understand. You can even download it as a PDF and print it so you can take it with you when you’re playing chess over the board!

Setting Up the Chess Board

The first step in your chess learning journey is to learn how to set up the chessboard properly and put each piece on its right square. Let’s dive in.

How to set up a chess board explained.

How the Pieces Move

Each chess piece moves in a particular way and it’s important for you to be familiar with it. Let’s learn more about how you can control your chess army.

Visual presentation of how each piece moves.

Playing the Game

Once you are familiar with the movement of the pieces, the next step is to learn who makes the first move, the different time controls you can use to play chess, what a ”check” is, and how to get out of it.

Learn about time controls, making moves, and playing the game.

Ending the Game

Now, it’s time to explore the different ways a chess game can end: with a win for White, a win for Black, or with a draw.

Explore the different ways a chess game can end.

Unique Pawn Moves

To play chess properly, you also need to learn a few special rules. Pawns, for example, have the unique power to move forward but capture diagonally. It can be tricky to learn them at first, but once you master these moves you will have a big weapon in your hands.

Pawns are the soul of chess as one famous quote goes.


Castling is another special but very important move that serves multiple purposes. It helps to ensure the safety of the most important chess piece—the king. It also develops one of your rooks, bringing it closer to the center of the board. As you will see, castling allows you to move two pieces at once, which is another great thing about this special move.

Learn more about castling―one of the most important moves in chess.

Basic Chess Concepts

Now that you know all the rules of the royal game, it’s time to learn a few key concepts that will help you win more games. Here are some of the most important things you need to know in the cheat sheet below.

  • Develop Your Pieces
  • Control The Center
  • Protect Your King
  • Know How Much Each Piece Is Worth
Basic chess concepts to learn.

Win With Tactics

Now that you’re familiar with the most important strategical concepts of chess, it’s time for you to learn how to use tactics to win games. A tactic is a maneuver that a player can make to seize an immediate opportunity, such as material gain or checkmate. Here are the most common tactics in the cheat sheet below.

Learn more about chess tactics: pins, skewers, forks, and a discovered attack.

Download Our Free Chess Cheat Sheet (PDF)

The visual format and concise explanations of the Chess Cheat Sheet make it easy for you to understand and remember the rules. Download the cheat sheet as a PDF and keep it handy for quick reference when playing OTB chess.


In conclusion, this chess cheat sheet is a comprehensive guide to all the important aspects of the game, from setting up the board to understanding the movement of pieces, playing the game, and ending it. Start your chess learning journey now and master the game!

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