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Computer Chess Championship

Computer Chess Championship

If you just want to see the best chess being played without regard to the human element, then computer chess is where it's at. And what if we told you that there's a place where computers play chess against each other all day, every day?

Well, that place exists. It's Computer Chess Championship (CCC).

What Is Computer Chess Championship?

Computer Chess Championship is a constantly-running (24/7/365) tournament played by the best chess engines in the world, from famous ones such as Stockfish, Komodo and Leela Chess Zero, to lesser-known engines in the championship's qualifying events. The engines play both standard chess and Chess960 and at varying time controls.

CCC should not be confused with two similar events: World Computer Chess Championship (WCCC) and Top Chess Engine Championship (TCEC).

How To Follow Computer Chess Championship

Following CCC couldn't be easier. Just head on over to and start watching! To help make sense of what's going on, each participating computer program's lines and evaluations are showed throughout the game.

Computer Chess Championship
You can also guess the moves (lower right) and see how the computer evaluations changes with each move of the game (lower left).

For more information on other ways to find CCC on the site and things you can do with it, please see this support article.

Why Is Computer Chess Championship Important?

Computers have played the world's best chess for over a decade now. By having a constantly-running repository of games between these engines, countless lessons can be learned from the moves they make that may look weird to humans but are nonetheless deemed to be best by the program that plays them. Humans are usually capable of explaining in human terms why a computer's move is good; we're just not as good at finding such moves in the first place.

For these reasons sometimes puts together YouTube videos covering the series' most interesting games like this one:

CCC also creates reams of data for programmers to use as they continually improve the strength of chess engines.


Now you know what Computer Chess Championship is, how to watch it, and why it's important.

Head on over to the CCC today and check it out!

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