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Torpedo Chess

Torpedo Chess

Do you like speed? If you do, Torpedo Chess is the right game for you!

Here's what you need to know about Torpedo Chess:

What Is Torpedo Chess?

Torpedo Chess is a chess variant first proposed and intensely analyzed by DeepMind, the team behind AlphaZero. In this variant, the only difference from regular chess is the way pawns move. They can always move two squares forward, even if they've moved before.

Torpedo Chess.
Pawns can move two squares forward on any move.

As a consequence of the new pawn movement, en passant captures also change slightly. Players can make that capture whenever an enemy pawn lands next to theirs after moving two squares at once, wherever their pawn is on the board.

Topedo Chess en passant
White takes en passant even though their pawn is on the fourth rank.

According to former world champion GM Vladimir Kramnik, "Pawns become quite powerful in Torpedo Chess. Passed pawns are, in particular, a very strong asset, and the value of pawns changes based on the circumstances and closer to the endgame."

The pawns become quite powerful in Torpedo Chess.
— Vladimir Kramnik

How To Play Torpedo Chess Online

Playing Torpedo Chess online is very easy on You can do it by going to our Variants page and selecting that variant from our menu to the right.

Play Torpedo Chess online.
You can play Torpedo Chess on our Variants page.


You now know what Torpedo Chess is, its rules, and how to play it online. Click the button below to play a game of this fast-paced chess variant!

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