Online Chess Tournaments

Online Chess Tournaments

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    You don't know how good (or bad!) you are until you have stacked up against other players. Choose to compete in Official site-wide tournaments or smaller round-robin tournaments. You can play regular chess, Chess960, or thematic games like the King's Gambit!

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Upcoming Live Tournaments

NameTime ControlFormat
Rapid Tournament 10|0 Swiss
Lightning Tournament 1|0 Swiss
Blitz Tournament 5|0 Swiss
Standard Tournament 15|10 Swiss
Super Blitz Tournament 3|0 Swiss
Bullet Tournament 2|1 Swiss
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Upcoming Turn-Based Tournaments

NamePlayersTime ControlFormatRating Range
33rd Thematic Tournament - Gruenfeld 1401-1600 739/Unlimited 3 days 6(2)->1 1401-1600
33rd Thematic Tournament - Gruenfeld 1601-1800 503/Unlimited 3 days 6(2)->1 1601-1800
33rd Thematic Tournament - Gruenfeld 1301-1400 385/Unlimited 3 days 6(2)->1 1301-1400
33rd Thematic Tournament - Gruenfeld 1201-1300 282/Unlimited 3 days 6(2)->1 1201-1300
33rd Thematic Tournament - Gruenfeld 1801-2000 212/Unlimited 3 days 6(2)->1 1801-2000

Tournament Legend

Official Invite only Set Position Chess960 No Vacation Premium Only